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Plant Historian

The Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) or Plant Historian is a central data repository or data warehouse for a plant or factory network. Based on a geospatially aware database, the IDMS also contains a webserver, email system and data interface to collect data from remote devices. Supplied as a stand-alone appliance, the IDMS is also available as a preconfigured Virtual Machine Appliance (VMA) for installation into the customer's data centre. Alternatively, Renfell can provide a secure offsite managed hosting service in our data centre.

The IDMS is not designed to be stand-alone as it requires a source of data. Each installation of the IDMS supports direct connection to any of the other DDAC modules. An additional software connection module is available for the IDMS to couple to third party systems such as PLCs, DCS, or SCADA.

An IDMS can enhance the functionality of the micro RTU, by providing remote management of each micro RTU - enabling remote management of set-points and alarm contact telephone numbers as well as aggregating data and trends across a fleet of micro RTUs.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) to the IDMS is a web browser interface which makes it low cost and transportable. It operates on a range of different web browsers and on any browser enabled device including pads and smart phones. Configuration and data presentation are all done through the web interface using conventional keyboard and mouse or touchscreen.

The cost and licence fee are negotiable. There is a one-time fixed cost for the appliance and a licence fee based on the number of data sources connected to an IDMS rather than charging by the tag. Ongoing maintenance and support contracts are also available.

Renfell provides design and configuration services at a competitive fixed price.