Pharmalert® Vaccine Monitoring System

In the pharmaceutical industries, in pharmacy shops, in hospital pharmacies, and in doctors’ surgeries a vaccine refrigerator failure can necessite the subsequent destruction of many thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs.

We developed the Pharmalert® Integrated Data Monitoring System - comprising of a 3G enabled RTU located at the customer site, a proprietary plant historian database located in our data centre and web server for client access. Each RTU records mains power status, internal temperature and other trends which are uploaded to the remote plant historian. Using web technology, authorised persons can query the plant historian reports from any location there is internet access. Each RTU can be programmed to raise an alarm over the 3G mobile phone network and the log of data is set up to be admissible at law in the event it is ever required as evidence.

For complete information about the Pharmalert® System, please visit the Pharmalert® website