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mangOH IoT cards

mangOH is the new Internet of Things open source hardware platform from Sierra Wireless.

Renfell has partnered with Sierra Wireless to bring our experience with industrial communications to the mangOH platform by developing a range of IoT expansion modules to compliment the mangOH Green rapid development platform.more...


DDAC- Distributed Data Aquisition and Control

The distributed data acquisition and control system consists of a series of low cost independent modules with a modern design. By using the latest technology they bring algorithmic power, data handling speed, data storage capacity and digital communication simplicity that older legacy systems do not.

The DDAC range of modules are intended to supply add-on advanced control functions such as artificial intelligence control, simple and elegant storage of historical data and the ability to transmit data to your mobile phone or desktop even from very remote locations including polar regions.

By using an "alert" module an alarm can be raised by mobile phone call, text message or email of an alarm condition even from a remote sensor such as a well water level or a tailings dam height sensor. more...


Pharmalert® Vaccine Monitoring System

In the pharmaceutical industries, in pharmacy shops, in hospital pharmacies, and in doctors’ surgeries a vaccine refrigerator failure can necessite the subsequent destruction of many thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs.

To address these issues, we have developed the Pharmalert® Integrated Data Monitoring System - utilizing 3G cellular technology with our proprietary Plant Historian database to monitor and record vaccine refrigerator operations. more...


Design Services

From writing embedded code for a tiny microprocessor to designing industrial networks, and any hardware or software in between, Renfell Innovations can be of assistance.

With our team of experienced engineers we can help you bring your project to fruition. As members of the Institution of Engineers, Australia (IEAust) and our senior engineers holding Chartered Profesional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) status, you can be sure that our design services will be provided in a professional and sustainable manner. more...