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Distributed modular units for small to medium
industrial control and data recording projects

Within the vast arena of industrial control in general industry there are many unique specialised tasks that can not easily be undertaken using existing hardware. This applies to all three of the primary forms of control, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The latter refers to long range control for oil and gas, water, high voltage powerlines and railways, as opposed to operator station interfaces connected to PLCs.

The DDAC system consists of a series of small modules each with a specialised purpose. The modules are not intended to replace existing types of controller such as a PLC or an RTU but to add extra capability. Connectivity is supplied via Modbus over IP.

The DDAC system has been developed from the Pharmalert® data acquisition and historian module. Additional modules include a smart advanced PID controller, a fuzzy logic controller, a historian, a 3G enabled mobile phone link and a web-based user interface and module configuration tools. The fuzzy logic controller and advanced PID controllers can interact with the plant via DDAC input output modules or over Modbus IP. They can communicate with and interchange parameters with any existing PLC or DCS. Thus the expert system controller can be used to accept measured variables and transmit a loop setpoint. An advanced PID controller can replace a simple PID controller in a PLC.

The historian is able to send recorded data to a mobile phone or bundle it into a spreadsheet to be sent via email.