Weather station on a stick

Weather Station on a stick

Designed to be robust and smart, the 'Weather Station on a stick' will simplify field deployment and maintenance. State of the art low power electronics allow 2+ years operation off internal primary batteries and an inbuilt GPS engine 'self surveys' the device into position so that the data can be geo-coded straight into a geo-spatial database.

By using the newly released LTE Category-M1 cellular communications protocol, the Weather Station can be deployed anywhere that there is the sniff of LTE/4G. Designed especially for remote sensing and telemetry, the newly released LTE Cat-M1 protocol provides all the advantages of cellular communications at a significantly reduced power budget.

Key Features

  • Solid state rain sensor (no moving parts)
  • Range of solid state sensors (temperature/humidity/pressure/Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs)
  • Simple installation
  • Maintenance free Internal primary batteries - no solar panel
  • State of the art LTE Cat-M1 communications
  • Firmware updates 'Over The Air'
  • Upload to our cloud server or yours