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Intelligent embedded controller module

The smart controller module is intended to fulfil tasks well beyond those available using conventional PLC, DCS or SCADA systems. There are times when the user becomes frustrated with the lack of functionality in a PID controller, or requires some form of expert system control, or requires a precise dynamic model for use with model-predictive control or model feedforward control. The user may require some dedicated signal processing software to execute on line, such as a special purpose filter or image processing such as a frothcam for monitoring flotation tanks.

The smart embedded controller is able to accept real-time data from a system, such as from a third party PLC or an RTU, perform its intelligent magic and return real-time variables back to the system for use as process setpoints, feedforward measurements, predicted parameters or processed data for storage as history.

The following advanced control functions are currently available

  • Advanced 3-term (PID) controller
  • Expert system shell using blackboard (scoreboard) technology
  • Programmable fuzzy logic controller ideal for non-linear multi-variable control
  • Dynamic modelling for model predictive control and model-based feedforward control
  • Transfer function modelling for time-modified feedforward control
  • Filtering, real-time signal processing and DFFT algorithms

Other types of advanced and artificial intelligent controllers are available on request such as neural network control.